FREEDOMFLEX Illustration Software(Version Nov.30.19.A)

Individual All Age Illustration

# Date Sex Age Name Premium Face Ill or AAI
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All Age Illustration Current Interest

All Age Illustrative Interest Rates

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Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity
Decreasing Term to age 100
Contribution Mode
Monthly Weekly BiWeekly

Years 1-10
Solve For Contribution

Years 11-20
Copy 1st Decade

Years 21-30
Copy 2nd Decade

Cost of Living

Additional Contribution

Accidental Death Benefit
None Specify 1 Times

Primary 10 Year Term

Rating Yes No

Additional 10 Year Term

Sex Male Female
Smoker Yes No

Monthly Disability Income Benefit
None Specify Calculate

Critical Illness

Waiver of Premium

Waiver of FPAR

Additional Purchase Option

Child Rider

Cash Back Option

Base Premium Only
Base Premium + Riders
Insured Face Amount Sex Age Smoker
2 Male Female Yes No
3 Male Female Yes No
4 Male Female Yes No
5 Male Female Yes No
6 Male Female Yes No
7 Male Female Yes No
8 Male Female Yes No
9 Male Female Yes No

Table Ratings Code

Flat Extra

Rider Extra

Rider Ratings
Waiver of Premium
Base * .5 Base * 1 None
Additional Death Benefit
Base * .5 Base * 1 None
Medical Disability Incremental Benefit
Base * .5 Base * 1 None
Waiver of Premium FPAI
Base * .5 Base * 1 None

English Spanish
Rider Name Benefit Amount Annual Amount Modal Amount Years Payable
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